The following people are involved in the Our Climate Our Health Core Campaign Organising Group:


Peter Sainsbury was until his recent retirement Director of Population Health in South Western Sydney Local Health District. He holds adjunct professorial appointments at the Universities of Notre Dame, Sydney and New South Wales. Peter is President of the Climate and Health Alliance, a past president of the Public Health Association of Australia, and a past member of the National Health and Medical Research Council and the Australian Health Ethics Committee. 

Kate_C_pic.jpgKate Charlesworth is a public health physician in Sydney. She previously worked as a hospital doctor in Perth and Sydney and then undertook most of her public health medicine training in the UK where she worked at the Sustainable Development Unit, tasked with reducing the carbon footprint of the National Health Service (NHS). She is currently undertaking a PhD looking at the characteristics of a future, environmentally sustainable health and social care system. 


Mary Chiarella is Professor of Nursing, Sydney Nursing School at the University of Sydney. In 2003/04 she was the Chief Nursing Officer, NSW Health Department and prior to that was Foundation Professor of Nursing in Corrections Health with University of Technology, Sydney. Her interests and expertise lie in three interlinked areas: health law, policy and ethics; health professional regulation; and safety and quality in health care.



Fiona Armstrong is the founding executive director of the Climate and Health Alliance, and a leading advocate for climate and health policy. She is the author of several reports on climate change and health including Coal and Health in the Hunter: Lessons from One Valley for the World and Our Uncashed Dividend: The Health Benefits of Climate Action. She is the producer of the short film The Human Cost of Power. Fiona is a Fellow of the Centre for Policy Development. In 2016, Fiona was named one of Australia’s 100 Women of Influence (WOI) in the Australian Financial Review / Westpac WOI Awards.

Sue_Cooke.jpgSue Cooke is a health and climate change educator and author. Sue has extensive experience in health, education and government, in both hands-on and policy analysis and development capacities. Her current focus is on advocacy and action for climate change mitigation and adaptation, including facilitating rapid transition to zero emission, renewable energy generation as an important foundation. Sue believes in building “ optimism of the will" and a mass movement to create a cleaner, 'greener', fairer, healthier, happier and more sustainable society. She is a member of Friends of CAHA. 

Marianne Cannon is an Emergency Physician with an interest, and qualifications in Public Health, Global Health     and medical student education. She is a member of the Australian College of Emergency Medicine.